About the Hotel

AzulPitaya is a beach front hotel located in Sayulita!

The construction of the hotel AzulPitaya started in late 2015, with the full intention of going slow and take good care of the details; the group of investors wanted to open for business in several stages; initially with its wedding venue on the beach of Sayulita and move forward to open rooms little by little.

In the real world, this was hard to accomplish due to many factors and challenges, and the construction kept moving forward without looking back to the original idea. 

The project is designed to keep as most natural flora as posible, we have many palms and trees, two mangles on sight (protected by the secretariat of environment and natural resources) and many iguanas and animals of the region; and its all accordingly to regulations.

We separate the sewage water, avoid using single use bottles and straws, and reduce the use of plastic; moving forward to a more ecological destination. Solar panels will be installed in two of our roofs by 2021st and hope to become as sustainable as possible.

We are grateful to say that in early 2020th we are happy to open our doors to guests from all over the globe and welcome anyone who desires to spend a great time in Sayulita and its surroundings.

Walking around the hotel

We had our very first guests from BC, and had a wonderful experience; however due to the circumstances of CoVid19 around the globe, we had to shut down our doors until further notice. This situation can really affect a new hotel to be, and we are hoping for the best to come in the future 🙂